• Individual & group incentives

Incentives for individuals

Would you rather reward one of your team members or customers / suppliers (e.g. on the basis of achieved results or a certain contest), we can present our flexible incentive packages to you. Based on a fixed budget of your choice and the preferences of those who win the incentive, we assemble a unique program. Everyone has a different perspective on what a motivating and perfect incentive is. We can build an incentive based on sports activities, relaxation, wellness & detox, culinary experiences, beach & fun, partying,…

Group incentives

Would you like to surprise your team with a very contemporary incentive? Then you're in Ibiza on the right spot. After a 2 hour flight you are in a location where the possibilities are endless. A place where team magic happens. Depending on the size of the team, we select for you an ideal program for a successful, memorable and inspiring event for everyone in the team.

We can offer an end-to-end program in which a workshop or bootcamp is integrated in the team building program. E.g. sales, negotiation, leadership, coaching,..